About Us

The year was 1999, the turn of the millennia, and the world hanged in the midst of a global terror under which the communication era will crumble and disappear as a mere glitch in mankind’s history. The build up to New Years Eve of 2000 was one of uncertainty and anxiousness… No one could predict what destruction the Y2K bug would bring.

This was complete (hokum!). Afterwards, while the world looked back in embarrassment – a group of resilient computer and gaming “die-hards” – decided that they would do all in their power to ensure that they will be in the game forever… Delta 5 was born.

Although the introduction is a bit dramatic, we believe it too truly explain the seriousness in which we created our business. Over the last 10 years we have grown from a small Hatfield contingent – into two branches providing an armory of games, hardware and secure, reliable services.

Our success is grounded in our devotion and commitment towards our commandos of customers, we will sacrifice all to ensure a life-long brotherhood with our troops and through honorable service, encourage others to join our cause.

We are vigilant in our support towards our gaming troops and therefore we are at station 6 days a week during standard business hours.

At Delta 5 we wish to give our troops something back for their dedicated support. We have weekly markdowns on a range of different products, games, console accessories, pc hardware, and peripherals. As we only add a minimal markup – to give our clients the best possible prices – our weekly markdowns are not to be missed.

For those behind enemy lines visit www.delta5games.co.za for online services deserving of a gaming service Medal of Honor.

Today we are honored to have you reporting for duty at Delta 5 Games.

And your duty – To Stay In The Game!