1. Multifunctional: The multimeter can be used to measure DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, AC current, resistance, capacity, frequency, temperature, etc.

2. Wide measurement range: The multimeter has different range ranges and can measure various levels of voltage, current, and resistance.

3. High precision: The multimeter has high precision and stability, and can provide accurate measurement results.

4. Easy to operate: The multimeter adopts a pointer display and knob adjuster, making the operation simple and intuitive, making the measurement operation more convenient.

5. Safety and reliability: The multimeter has multiple protective measures, such as overload protection, short circuit protection, etc., to ensure the safety of the operator and the tested circuit.


Product name: Pointer type multimeter

Model: T88C

Color: Orange

Weight: 400g

Size: 118*50*179mm

Power supply: 1.5V AAA battery * 2pcs (not included)

Package included: Multimeter*1, Test pen*1 pair, instruction manual*1.


T-88 C

High precision pointer type external magnetic multimeter

AC/DC voltage measurement

Resistance diode detection

Capacitor transistor testing

Infrared detection of DC current

Self recovery fuse design


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