PS4 Dual Vibration Elite Game Controller Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad

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Working Platform:
The Custom elite wireless PS4
controller is specially designed for Sony PlayStation 4 PS4/PS4 slim/PS4
pro console, and it also can be switch to working with PS3 playstaion3
console via cable connect
Multipurpose Buttons and Interfaces:
The two joysticks click down for
L3/R3 buttons;with 3D RSF joysticks; with 3.5mm TRRS stereophonic
headphone jack, support mic and headset
Custom Program Function:
The 4 back paddles (M1-M4) can be
mapped with the others function buttons in the program situation. and
you can change the configuration of the paddles on your own at any time
2 Modes In program:
Slide the mode button on the back
and set the paddles mapping in mode1/mode2 then paddles` function will
automatically saved in mode1/mode2 for your reuse
Warm Tips:
Only support wired connecting with
PS3 console, and please note that 6-axis is not available in PS3; the
controller might needs to be update if the PS4 console update its
system,please contact us to get the latest updated firmware at that time