Stealth 600 Gen 2 Headset – PlayStation 4 – White

The Turtle Beach® Stealth™ 600 Gen 2 wireless gaming headset
dominates on PS5™ & PS4™ with an enhanced fit and performance for a
definitive gaming advantage.

*Sony has indicated that PS4™ headsets will work on PS5™. Turtle
Beach anticipates the Stealth™ 600 Gen 2 will be compatible with PS5™
and will confirm once testing is complete.

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wireless mini-USB transmitter provides a reliable audio connection on
PS5™ & PS4™. The transmitter delivers an easy plug-and-play
connection making setup a breeze.

Gen 2 Flip-to-Mute Mic

Beach enhances voice chat once again with a larger, high-sensitivity,
high performance microphone. The Gen 2 mic improves chat clarity and
seamlessly integrates into the headset design when muted.


Strengthened headband and hinge design ensures added durability and proper functionality over long-term use.

Pinpoint Audio Accuracy

Tuned to deliver distortion-free audio with precise, realistic
directional accuracy allowing you to hear every important detail for a
distinct competitive advantage.

Better Fit, Bigger Sound

shaped ear cushions with soft, breathable material improves comfort for
long gameplay sessions and allows for a wider audio soundstage and
greater depth perception.

Powerful, Amplified Audio

ear cup acoustics and expertly tuned 50mm speakers are powerfully
amplified to enable advanced audio features like Superhuman Hearing®,
Mic Monitoring and Audio Presets for a gameplay advantage with accurate,
immersive audio.

Glasses Friendly

Turtle Beach’s
exclusive, patented ProSpecs™ Glasses Relief System features dual-foam
ear cushions, with softer foam in the section of the ear cushions that
rests against your glasses, alleviating pressure and allowing gamers
with glasses to play in comfort.

Superhuman Hearing®

With Turtle
Beach’s exclusive Superhuman Hearing® sound setting, you’ll have the
competitive advantage by being able to hear all the subtle yet
game-changing sounds, like enemy footsteps sneaking up on your six,
other players reloading their weapon for an ambush, and vehicles off in
the distance approaching with reinforcements. It’s vital intelligence
for the split-second, life-or-death decisions that elevate great gamers
above the rest. Hear everything, defeat everyone!

Variable Mic Monitoring

Hear and adjust your own voice while you chat with friends so you’re aware of your own volume and don’t have to shout.

Easy Access to Audio Controls

your gameplay experience at the touch of a button with four signature
Turtle Beach audio presets including Bass Boost, Signature Sound, Treble
Boost, and Vocal Boost.

15-Hour Battery Life

An onboard
rechargeable battery delivers up to 15-hours of gaming per charge using
the included USB-C charging cable, so you’ll always be ready to play.