PS4 Controller Wireless Audio Headphone Adapter Bluetooth V5.0

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How to use Charging:
First use, pls charge full for the first time use, red light will be on when charging

Standard charging time: around 2h, it means fullwhen the red light off.


Power on/off

At power off status, hold on power button 5 seconds to power on. At power on status, hold on power button 5 seconds to power off.


Pair and search
Power on then start searching, will pair last bluetooth device first(blue light flash per 2sec), if can not find last bluetooth devic, the adapter start to search new bluetooth headset, the blue light flash fast, when
succee, blue light flash turn fast to slow pair (light on 2sec/flash per 4sec)

Transmission Range
In theory this adapter transmission range can reach 15m(test in space without any stacie), but there will be some less for the different using environent.

Work time and stand-b
y time

Stand-by: unpair with any bluetooth device, the adapter will power off utomatically after 8min.

Stand-by unpair with any bluetooth device, the adapter will power off automaticall after 8min
Reset: At pair status, will start search then 100% power, blue led will
flash 3times every 5mins, you should charge the adapter asap
Problem Fixing
If you can not pair to your bluetooth headset, pls try as below
1. Make sure there is enough power and the adapter already at power on
2. Make sure the bluetooth function of the headset at working status, pls check the UG of your bluetooth headset

3. Make sure the distance is at least 10m between 5G wireless adapter and the bluetooth headset


If there is smelly, or out of shape, pls stop using the adapter at once.

Pls do not put the adapter into water to make it wet, pls do not put it into fire or warm it in case of explosion.

Wireless Audio Headphone Adapter Bluetooth V5.0 for PS4 Controller