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Arctic MX-4 8g Silicone Technology Thermally Compound Thermal Grease For PC CPU Heat Sink

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2020 ARCTIC MX-4  8g 20g AMD Intel Processor CPU Cooler Cooling Fan Thermal Grease VGA Compound Heatsink Plaster Paste



​Product Features:    

  1. This is a grade thermal paste with exceptional performance and ease of application.
  2. It is an electrically non-conductive paste that is applied between CPU/GPU and designated coolers to transfer the dissipated heat from the components to the heat sink. 
  3. It eliminates the risks of causing short circuit and in turn adding more protection to your computer. 
  4. The new formula features optimal thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance. 
  5. These characteristics effectively dissipate the emitted heat from the core components.
  6. Its texture is just thin enough to spread onto components using fingers without creating much mess.
  7. Sometimes the manufacturer will change the packing bags, we can't control it, please know that,thanks.
Smearing Steps:
1.Clean up the surface.
2.Use Thermal Grease on the CPU/GPU surface center.
3.Using scraper or other tools to smear the thermal paste onto the CPU.
4.After coating the product,the thickness is based on A4 paper thickness.
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