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Far Cry® 4 - Pagan Min: King of Kyrat Figurine

UBICollectibles is proud to present “Pagan Min: King of Kyrat”, its collector's piece inspired by the Ubisoft franchise: Far Cry® 4.

This figurine represents the self-proclaimed ruler Pagan Min, leaning confidently against an old brick wall with a tiger graffiti painted on it. Gun in hand, he’s ready to demonstrate his dominion over the oppressed Kyrat people.

But will this people remain submissive? Watch out, the revenge could come out soon…

Character description

Pagan Min is the self-proclamed King of Kyrat, who took over the country by corrupting it to the heroin trade and executing the opposition. His presence formed the Golden Path resistance movement, who dedicate themselves to overthrow the oppressive regime.

Introducing Bhadra character

At the back of the figurine, fans will discover a new and mysterious character from the Golden Path: Bhadra. Depicted as an adventurous young woman, she is thought to be the new Tarun Matara, the real-life incarnation of the Bride of Banashur from Kyrat mythology…

  • Reproduction of street artist C215 art, from the game’s original scenery.
  • Discernable textures and materials, with signature weapons of the game.
  • Double side effect: Pagan Min Vs Golden Path, with a secondary character to discover.
  • HEIGHT: 24,5 cm
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