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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Rabbid Peach 6 Inch Figurine

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Easily bored and sassy, Rabbid Peach is a fighter princess. She is convinced that she is the most beautiful and fearsome hero on the battlefield, and she never misses an occasion to take a selfie, even in the most dire of situations. This very combative hero is also a proficient healer in combat, while always keeping an eye on her beloved MarioÂ… It's in the darkest of times that heroes rise... Discover the Mario + Rabbid Kingdom Battle Figurines' collection created by Ubicollectibles & directly inspired by 4 Rabbids teaming up with Mario and his friends. Their mission: restore the Mushroom Kingdom torn apart by a mysterious vortex. The figurine shows Rabbid Peach taking a selfie (probably during a fight!). Her two main objectives in life: keeping her beloved Mario away from danger... and from Peach. Also existing in 3" (8cm) Features: - Selfie lover who has her smartphone in hand 24/7! - Equipped with the No Pity Kitty gun - Height: 16.5 cm - Material: PVC & ABS
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