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6 In 1 BEST-006 Dual Ends Metal Pry Spudger Opening Tools for Phone Laptop Tablet Metal Crowbar Repair Tool Kit

6 x Dual ends Metal Spudger Opening Pry Tool

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1. 6 pieces complete opening pry tools in hand
2. Fit for any touch screen or cover case such as Cell phone,Ipad, Ipod,Tablets, Watch, Laptop, MP3 etc
3. The screen open pry tool kit help to remove the LCD screen from your mobile devices during repairing
4. Open Easily, you just need a little power to disassembly, your screen or cover will be opened.
5. It will protect your cell phone from damages    
6. Pointed pry crammed into a tight place easily    
7. Flat pry head --easy to pry shell and to maintain the degree of open shell    
8. Unique design, beautiful, easy to carry.
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