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Magnum Soldering Station SM2005 80W

The 2005’s Intuitive Logic Interface controls temperature more precisely and more efficiently for the new lead-free soldering requirements.

The fully computerized 2005 works the way you work. It’s what it’s all about. Performance where and when you need it.

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The first in the next generation of soldering solutions from Magnum.

    * Supplied with the Soldering Iron 1002 24v 80w
    * Microprocessor Digital Control
    * PID temperature control set for the least overshoot
    * Constant fault checking
    * Electronic serial number
    * Service warning every 1000 hours of operation
    * Pre-set temperatures
    * Earthed Hand Pieces
    * Temperature range is between 150°C & 450°C (302°F & 842°F) with 2 fixed temperatures
    * Temperature is accurate within ± 5°C of set temperature.
    * Cast iron stand

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