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LIUYUNE,YX - 2 Lubricating Grease For Plastic Gears/Mechanical Equipment/Printers

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  • good thermal oxidation stability and colloidal stability, good compatibility with a variety of plastics and elastomer, excellent high and low temperature, low start-up current and low main torque, low torque small, high-temperature non-proliferation
  • Semisolid, no objectional odor, nontoxic, Functions: Rust-proof, antiwear, water resistant, etc, For lubricating gears, machines. Suitable for gears, machine equipment, conveyer, Model: XY-2
  • Material: Resin, Color: White, Type: Chemical auxiliary material Special features: Colloidal, Semisolid, Nontoxic
  • does not drip, does not dissolve, good material adaptability to any material of plastic, glass, fiberglass, rubber, leather, tree, synthetic resins, nylon, iron, copper, etc. can be used, temperature range: -20°c ~ 100 °c
  • non-toxic, tasteless, excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal stability, excellent waterproof performance, excellent thermal stability and oxidation stability, long life, low evaporation loss
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