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QUICKO STC T12 OLED Digital Soldering Station T12 9501 handle soldering tips 108W big power use for HAKKO lead-free iron tips

QUICKO STC OLED Digital Soldering Station+T12-9501 handle soldering tips 108W big power lead-free soldering iron For HAKKO tips


1. OLED Digital controller with Aluminum case x1
2. T12 9501 handlex1 
3.  x5pcs tips free
4. EU PLUG power cablex1 
The soldering iron used in this soldering station is a brand new soldering iron tip. Due to the unstable resistance of the new soldering iron tip, the temperature will jump or ERROR, which is normal. After several times of use, the stability will gradually stabilize. If you mind, please do not buy.
NOTE:Iron tip do not work continuously high temperature, high temperature work is easy to damage the tip!
Ordinary solder melting point is 183°C, lead-free solder melting point is 227°C, usually the welding temperature is 300-380°C, 380°C is the temperature of the dividing line, higher than 380°C, iron head oxidation and loss is extremely fast, seriously affect the heating core life The Higher than 380°C temperature display will be beating, the higher the temperature, the greater the beating!Recommended in the 300-380°C for welding work, most of the work can be carried out, the temperature beating is normal, does not affect the use!

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