BEST 6 in 1 Professional Steel Solder Assist Disassembly Tool Repair Set SA-10

  • Best matched for repair and assembly work.

  • Variety of application for holding, removing, cleaning, etc.and for precision work.

  • These
    solder assist tools can be widely used in printed circuit board
    assembly and maintenance of the welding operation the shape of different

  • To meet the welding operation requirements of press, cutting, scraping, hooks brushes etc.

  • Applicable
    to integrated circuit assembly and disassembly, precision electronic
    components, welding, grinding, cleaning, repair and so on.

    • 1pc Solder Assist Knife

    • 1pc Solder Assist Fork

    • 1pc Solder Assist Reamer

    • 1pc Solder Assist Chip Hold

    • 1pc Solder Assist Brush

    • 1pc Solder Assist Needle

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