DC 5-1000V 5W Sparkpen Battery Capacitor Discharge Pen +LED Light 4RD Pen Discharger Protection 94PC

OOTDTY1. Designed for safety in maintenance operations, discharging high direct current to a safe range to ensure that there is no risk of electric shock
2. Discharge pen is suitable for all DC voltage discharge, can put the voltage range 5V-1000V , for discharging household appliances / digital camera / camcorder / TV / car and etc DC voltage or storage capacitor
3.Intelligent identification of positive and negative, there is no need to distinguish between positive and negative, because the two LCD lights will be lit
4.Box made of aluminum alloy plating insulation layer composition, the operation is absolutely safe, drop resistance, compression, available environment is -30 ℃ to +50 ℃
5 Discharge the original use: high temperature ceramic surface, high power, high standards, high stability and two warm white 5W LED lamp beads.
6.As long as the LED lights become completely dark, which meaning the voltage has been below 10V, you operat it safely.

Model: discharging capacitor
Wire Length: 100cm
Discharging Voltage: DC 5-1000V
Discharging Time: It depands on the capacitor capacity
Single lamp (W): 5W
Ohm of the resister inside :100000ohm=100KJ
Watts of the resister inside:8W
Box material: By the aluminum alloy plating layer composed of insulation
Buck components: high temperature ceramic surface, high power, high standards, high stability, moisture resistance

When discharging, the discharge tool is not necessary to distinguish between positive and negative,
it is important to note that the edge of the metal tip during the discharge do not touch any conductive objects,
including the human finger and discharge tool itself, two metal nib

when indicated light tending to darkness,taking off 2 seconds, then repeat discharge again.Confirm the indicated light become Completely dark,
which shows it is achieve safe operating voltage(Safe operating voltage range should under 10V)

Package included:
1 * DC High Voltage Discharge Pen
1 * Pair Test Leads

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