Jackly 31-In-1 Multi-Utility Screw Driver Magnetic Tool Kit Set

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Meet the Jackly 31-in-1 ratchet screwdriver set – the tool that every
household should have. With this compact screwdriver set, you can
complete all the pending repair works by opening mobile phones,
computers, PDA housings, PSPs, NDS, and music players.


This screwdriver set comes in a plastic storage box, with approximately
5.5 cm diameter and 12 cm height, which is compact and stores all the
parts. It has a handle length of 10.2 cm and blade length of 2.8 cm.

Easy To Use:

The Jackly 31-in-1 multi-functional pocket screwdriver set comes with
magnetic bits that are easy and tight to absorb into the handle. The
handle also comes with a rubber wrap and has a swivel thumb rest which
offer a comfortable grip. 


This piece comes with 30 screwdriver bits, which include 9 Torx heads, 4
Phillips heads, 7 straight heads, 8 hex heads and 2 Phillip heads, and
one plastic grip handle which is ideal for changing out any faceplates