Original Quick 861DW Hot Air Soldering Rework Station with Three Nozzles

  • Hose Length: 105 cm / 41.5″
  • Mains power 120VAC
  • Outer Diameters of Three Nozzles:
    • 5mm / 0.19″
    • 6mm / 0.23″
    • 8mm / 0.31″

The manual mentions 200V but this is the 120V version

Product Dimensions: 245.0mm x 188.0mm x 135.0mm / 9.6″ x 7.4″ x 5.3″

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If you’ve ever made a mistake when surface-mount soldering, you’ll
know how much of a pain it can be to fix it without the right tools. It
can add critical time to a project and can seriously stymie your
soldering momentum if you run into a bad component or a faulty reflow.
With the Quick 861DW Soldering Station, you can easily rework your boards and get your project back on track. It’s
also possible to use solder paste (in a syringe for example) to apply
paste and then blow hot air over it to melt the solder and get the
components into place.

This powerful station has an internal
pump and heater to blow a steady stream of temperature controlled hot
air to make it super easy to remove components, fix joints and jumpers,
replace missing components, or just correct something you’ve done wrong.

Quick 861DW matches up performance with hot air stations that cost
twice as much! It’s great for beginners to experts thanks to its
super-fast heat up time and easy to use button interface. You can save
and restore ‘profiles’ so you have one for lead-free, lead, small chips
or large. Comes with a nice stand and three different nozzles for
different sized parts.

It has a closed-loop temperature control
range between 100-500°C (212-932°F) and a digital display so you can
easily tell what temperature the air’s blowing at. It has a power
consumption of 1000W and an intelligent cooling system, so the airflow
remains on until it gets to below 100°C. Max air flow is 100 L/minute –
but for most work you’ll want to keep it a lot lower than that.

make sure to let the rework station heat up all the way before using it
and be careful to use tools (and not your hands!) when using as it
spits out, well, really hot air. Comes with three nozzles, use the smallest size you can get away with
– it helps avoid damaging other components if you are trying to isolate
one part of the board while avoiding a connector, for example.