Qianli Toolplus Super Cam X 3D Thermal imager Camera Mobile Phone PCB Troubleshoot Motherboard Repair Fault Diagnosis Instrument

Motherboard detection:

Optional network cable to USB interface adapter

It can be connected to the computer USB interface through the adapter, which is more convenient to use and avoids the network cable interface being occupied.


1. Maximum temperature range

2. Test area maximum temperature

3. Test area minimum temperature

4. Minimum temperature range

5. Can adjust the angle of the visible light camera

6. Adjustable fusion of infrared thermal imaging and visible light image is clearer image

7. Switchable display mode

8. You can capture pictures taken by PCB and save the data of infrared imaging.

9 can record images taken by PCB and save data of infrared thermography

10. Turn on quick check to quickly find the hottest place

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