RS PRO 12ml Solder Flux Pen

Surface mount flux: a quick- drying, mildly activated (RMA type) no clean flux for removing components and making quick repairs.

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RS PRO Solder Flux Pen

From RS PRO, this handy solder flux pen is
ideal for surface mount rework applications. The quick-drying, no-clean
flux is supplied in a handy pen format that makes replacing surface
mount components easy and convenient. The pen is fitted with a
wide-angle actuator to give a protective film and an extension tube
actuator for pinpoint application. This handy applicator is ideal for
precision and control.

Features and Benefits

• 100% Ozone Friendly.
• Zero halide content so no cleaning is required.
• Passes copper plate and copper mirror corrosion (residue) test.
• For use with hot air, hot gas or conventional soldering techniques.
• Excellent solderability. Excellent solder spreadability.
• Mildy Actived (RMA Type)
• Very high reliability.
• Low non-tacky / non-corrosive residue.


application of spray flux to solder joints will aid reflow when heating
to remove surface mount components from a circuit board. The flux
should be applied to solder pads for the placement of new components,
with hot air or hot gas, or using conventional solder and iron.

flux can also be used as an anti-tarnish, protective film on bare
copper or tinned tracks providing excellent solderability for up to six
months. This solder flux is particularly recommended for precision
products e.g. telecommunications or professional computers where a high
degree of reliability is required.