Soldering Flux UV Curing Liquid Paste Solder Repair Tool for Soldering PCB BGA Board Protect

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  • ★No Clean Flux — This solder liquid is a no clean flux that can be used
    without using other liquid to wash it, eliminates the need and expense
    of cleaning.

  • ★Nice Insulation — It has nice insulation property, and can prevent
    short circuit and cord breakage due to wiring age, improves soldering

  • ★Protect PCB BGA — Can protect PCB traces from corrosion and moisture,
    exposure to high preheat temperatures does not degrade solubility of the
    residue in normal cleaning.

  • ★How To Be Solid — Expose it under UV light or sun for a few minutes
    after paste it on circuit board, it would become solid, very easy to

  • ★Electrical Repair — Useful tool for repair your computer or cellphone
    PCB, high thermal stability for soldering multi-layer assemblies which
    require higher temperatures.