T12-BC2 Iron Tips for Hakko Soldering Rework Station FX-951 FX-952

1) Good ability to control temperature,quick thermal conductivity,
2) Make use of imported raw material-copper oxide,
use special molding machine to process
3) Long wroking life: 40000-50000 soldering joints,
some sizes even can reach 70000 soldering joints
4) Product surface use special material handling, tip end with coating processing,
so as to ensure the tip not to turn black under the high temperature
5) Good performance in tin-on and tin melting,
uniform and fluent soldering, no empty soldering.
6) With high anti-oxidation, good moist performance
Temperature adjust range: 200-450 centidegree
Max. Power: 70W
Input Voltage: 110V – 220V
Length:15cm approx
Package includes: 
1 x T12-BC2 Iron Tip
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