• Intelligent, Networking and Integration

• Come with smart soldering assistance system, improve soldering quality in real time

• Support remote control, Bluetooth/WIFI wireless data transmission

• Real time standby, prolong the service life of soldering tips

• Support T210 and T245 handles, high compatibility

• Adapt to AC 100-240V wide range voltage input

• 2.4inch HD full-view screen, visualized operation

• Curve soldering mode, monitor the soldering status in real time

• 200W large total power, smart PID control

• Fast heating in 2S, smart temperature management system

• Initiate soldering tip touch control, more convenient than drive-by-wire

Product Name Integrated Precision Smart Soldering Station
Brand AiXun
Model T320
Display type 2.4inch IPS HD display screen
Input voltage AC 100-240V
Peak power 200W
Applicable handle model T210 and T245
Temp range 90°C-450°C
Dimensions 180*173*120.5mm
N.W./KG 1.92KG



AiXun T320 precision soldering station is the first smart soldering tool that combines the features of integration, intelligent and network in the worldwide. It supports T210 and T245 handles with high compatibility, convenient for use; 100-240V AC supply wide range voltage input, universal use in global, avoid the trouble of low or unstable voltage; smart soldering assistance system will help monitor the soldering tip status in real time, the high temp protection, short circuit protection and real time standby functions ensure a longer service life of soldering tip; innovative soldering tip touch control technology, touch and play, more convenient than wire control; smart PID control, anti-interference, anti-static, small leakage, good stability, sufficient power; it also supports the customization of the displayed time, weather and etc., giving you a more practical and satisfying experience!


List of Packing:

1 x T320 Integrated Precision Smart Soldering Station

1 x T210 handle or 1 x T245 handle

3 x C210 tips  or 3 x C210 tips


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