This is a large big tube of UV-LOCA proessional
waterproof adhesive glue sealant to be used in repairing mobile
telephones. Perfect for use when installing touch screen touchscreen
digitizers or other components. Multi purpose adhesive that can be used
on a wide range of electronics. Popular amongst professional repairers.

Ideal for people who refurbish Samsung and Apple displays or who are in the refurbishment industry.

Liquid optically-clear adhesive (LOCA), 50g bottle size.

RoHs compliant.

LOCA has many advantages in comparison with traditional non-liquid film type adhesives (OCA Tape):

  • Suitable for application on uneven surfaces
  • Can be repaired and adjusted once cured
  • Can be used in large panels
  • It is completely size-independent, while OCA Tape must be pre die-cut
  • Adhesion is high for LOCA
  • The liquid properties make it ideal for filling in gaps
  • No condensation and fogging
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures
  • The surface preparation required is not as restricted as with traditional OCA Tape
  • Contaminant-free, resulting in improved bubble resistance in laminations exposed to high temperature and high humidity
  • The LOCA process can be completely automated
  • LOCA allows for thinner and lighter display designs, giving
    manufacturing and product engineers an important tool in the future
    development of displays and display technology
  • Faster development of new products and designs


LOCA are generally used in displays and touch panel applications.
Application is expected to increase as mobile devices, televisions,
tablets, monitors and laptops migrate to touch interfaces. Although
there are many varied applications, Henkel divides the applications into
three categories:

Three common applications of LOCA

Touch Panel Sensor Assembly: To bond touch panel
sensors that require two layers of ITO (indium-tin-oxide) coated glass.
This type of bonding will eventually be replaced by direct bonding.

Cover Lens Bonding: To fill the air gap in touch
panel sensors that utilize a cover lens (such as clear plastic PMMA) and
the glass touch panel sensor.

Direct Bonding: To achieve the highest amount of
contrast, such as in an outdoor viewing application, it is necessary to
“directly bond” the cover lens to the LCD module


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