– Third Party Item
– Supports 2 microSD/microSDHC TF cards .
– Supported card types: microSD 256MB – 2GB / microSDHC 4GB -16GB
– Maximum capacity: Depends on the capacity of used microSD/microSDHC.
– Cards of different capacity and different type can be used concurrently (i.e. microSD+microSDHC).
– The adapter works with only one microSDHC card as well. The second slot can be equipped anytime later. You can exchange the cards and upgrade the max. capacity at will!
– If only 1 microSD(HC) cards is used, it must be inserted into slot A in order to work.
– When using new microSD(HC) cads, you need to format with a SONY product before you can store data.
– In order to copy or delete data directly, insert the adapter in your card reader. Do not take out the microSD(HC) cards and perform write operations on the single card. Your data will be corrupt.
For customers using PSP system software version 2.80 or earlier: PSP systems with system software version 2.80 or earlier do not correctly recognize high-capacity Memory Stick PRO Duo with more than 4 GB of free (recordable) memory space. Please update.

Package Includes:
1 x Micro SD to MS Pro Duo Dual Slot Adapter


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