SparkFox Controller Tactical Thumb Grips Black

The Sparkfox Tactical Grips for Nintendo Switch are designed to enhance your Switch gaming. These textured grips with large shoulder buttons fit on the Joy-Con controllers quickly and easily and can be left on when the console is in the TV dock. Each grip contains two dedicated game card slots for easy access for up to four games. The cards can be fully inserted and do not interfere with your gameplay. These grips feature enhanced triggers and bumper buttons to make gaming on the switch more competitive with its tactical feel.


  • Control and Comfort
  • Enhanced Triggers
  • Holds 4x Game Cards
  • Large shoulder buttons for easy access and control
  • 4x quick access game card slots
  • Includes 4x protective thumb grips


  • Compatibility: Nintendo Switch/Joy-Con Controllers
  • Colour: Black
  • Number of Buttons: 4
  • Game Card slots: 4

What’s in The Box:

  • Sparkfox Tactical Left Grip – Black x1
  • Sparkfox Tactical Right Grip – Black x1
  • Sparkfox Tactical Concave thumb grip x2
  • Sparkfox Tactical Convex thumb grips x2

*Nintendo Switch Console and game cards not included, images are just for illustration purposes.


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