Compatible with:
PS3 Super Slim 160GB CECH-4200A
PS3 Super Slim 250GB CECH-4200B
PS3 Super Slim 500GB CECH-4200C

1* Original Single Eye Laser Lens for PS3 Super Slim CECH-4200 160G/250G/500G

Additional notes on this product :  Lenses are strictly non returnable as they are very sensitive devices and can be easily damaged by incorrect installation . Some models may need calibration to work correctly  –  if calibrated incorrectly by inexperienced personnel they will be damaged , which will void your warranty . Verify that you are buying the correct part as there are cross-over models . Visually check your lens against the picture AND visually compare the laser model number on the laser deck . You must remove the antistatic solder ball if installed . Professional Installation Required . No instructions are included


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