Please note that you must open up your console and verify the PSU model number before purchasing . There are cross models that use different PSU’s so its always best to physically verify model before ordering  Contents :

1* Replacement Inner ADP-300CR Power Supply Parts 100-240V for PS4 Pro


Warranty : Please note there is no warranty on surge damage – PSU’s are built up of entirely electronic components , and are susceptible to load shedding damage . Due to the nature of a PSU , they are directly affected by surge / load shedding / brownouts and any PSU that stops working will be due to an electrical event of some sort , and this cannot be warrantied . All PSU’s are tested prior to shipping and you will get a DOA warranty , so please thoroughly test the PSU as soon as you receive the item and report any issues within 72 hours

Please note there are no returns on PSU’s , so please test the old unit with a multimeter to make sure it is faulty before ordering a replacement 


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