This replacement hard drive caddy tray for the Sony PlayStation 4 Slim model . The hard drive caddy’s use is primarily holding the hard drive in place/alignment with the motherboard.

Installation Notes:
Direct replacement.
HDD fastens with screws.
Anti-vibration washers.
Slides in and out of place.
Tray locks into place with keeper screw.
No data cable or power cable needed.
This PS4 Slim Hard Drive Caddy Tray is easy to install! It is an OEM direct replacement for the PS4 Slim CUH-2015A model so it fits directly into place. The hard drive fastens to the caddy with proprietary screws specially designed to help space the hard drive.
The screws are threaded through rubber anti-vibration washers which help prevent damage to the hard drive. Once the hard drive is installed into the caddy it simply slides in and out of place.


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