• Descriptions:Simply solder it to back of the analog stick solder points and plug the controller ins a PC or MAC and head over to https://gamepad-tester.com/ once the controller is recognized by your Operating System and adjust the 2 Potentiometers one Flex PCB to bring the Dead Zone back to center and close up your controller and it’s as good as new.* Note this adjusting tool will work as long as there in nothing wrong with the actual analog stick – It works by adjusting the input from the Steuer modules , which is the most common cause of stick drift on a controller . We have found that it works best for constant drift in a certain direction . If you controller has erratic drift , then we suggest you rather replace the Steuer modules / Analog stick

    Compatible with:

    PS4,PS5, XBOX ONE, XBOX Series S/X and so on.



    1 x Controller Analog Stick Drift Fix Mod for Gamepad PS4 XBOX PS5 NS  ( This will fix a single analog stick – If you have drift on both analog sticks , then purchase 2 units )


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