Xbox One X 56C215 SMD VQFN18 Synchronous Step-Down SWIFT Converter

Integrated 13.5-MΩ And 4.5-MΩ MOSFETs
• Supports 12-A Continuous IOUT
• 4.5-V Start-Up Without External 5.0-V Bias
• 0.6-V ±-1% Reference Voltage Across Full
Temperature Range
• 0.6-V To 5.5-V Output Voltage Range
• Supports Ceramic Output Capacitors
• D-CAP3™ Control Mode For Fast Transient Response
• Selectable Forced Continuous Conduction Mode
(FCCM) For Tight Output Voltage Ripple Or AutoSkipping Eco-Mode For High Light-Load Efficiency
• Selectable FSW Of 400 KHz, 800 KHz, And 1.2 MHz
• Monotonic Start-Up Into Pre-Biased Outputs
• Two Adjustable Current Limit Settings With Hiccup ReStart
• Optional External 5-V Bias For Enhanced Efficiency
• Adjustable Soft Start With A Default 1-Ms Soft Start
• –40°C To 150°C Operating Junction Temperature
• Small 3.5-Mm X 3.5-Mm HotRod™ QFN Package
• Supported At The WEBENCH® Design Too


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