Micro IC Hook Clip, Mini Clip for IC Test Leads, Adapter of oscilloscope Logic Analyzer IC Tester multimeter Signal Generator and IC Programmer

Chip General Clip TSSOP MSOP Clip Online Burning Car Remote Control Key IC Feet

  • Diameter of clip is 0.13mm, the most delicate and smallest in the maket. It’s very easy to connect to most of IC, Such as TSSOP, MSOP, SOP, TSSOP, QFP etc.
  • Comes with 10 dupont wires, can be flexible freely, easy to adapt to oscilloscope, logic  analyzer, IC tester, multimeter, signal generator, IC programmer and IC test frame.
  • Each Clip covered with insulating bush, they will not short-circuit with each other.
  • Low impedance and environmental protection material, signal transmission smooth.
  • Can be quickly install and remove, stable fixation.
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