Its use is very simple, it has no positive and negative poles. Connect the test probe and start discharge. The voltmeter will display the capacitance voltage during the discharge. Until the discharge is complete.
When the capacitance voltage is lower than 10V, its voltmeter will go out.
The DC plug at the tail of the discharger is its additional function, which can test the voltage value of the DC low-voltage power supply. and It can discharge capacitors welded to circuit boards.
If you have any problems during the use. (NOTE:This discharge tool doesn’t need to be connected to any power.)
Please feel free to contact me, I will help you solve it!

When discharging,
The voltmeter displays 500 when the capacitor voltage higher than 1000V.
Digital voltage display.(Max 500V display),Discharge Completed,Voltmeter OFF.

When discharging, the discharge tool is not necessary to distinguish between positive and negative.

Model: Capacitor Discharger
Wire Length: 100cm
Discharging Voltage: DC 5-1000V
Discharging Time: It depands on the capacitor capacity.
Discharge mode: intelligent resistance discharge(Fast discharge)(500V,≈8S).

Package includes:
1.Discharge tool
2.Pair of discharge probes
3.Pair of 2 mm (straight-in) crocodile clamp.


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