HandcraftUHF-TF is a first-hand alternative to any other universal flux out there – a mass-market disruptor and a flagship formulation dedicated to soldering professionals and hobbyists alike.


Hand-soldering electronics, automotive repairs, IC-chip replacement, BGA-reballing, gaming console repair, halogen-free SMD solder paste.

SMD-Paste values:

  • Stencil life @ 30-45% RH – up to 18 hours – one of the longest values on the market allowing for a long process window and next day completion.
  • Viscosity (jars, cartridges): 110-160 Pa. s (Print-grade) and 80-120 Pa. s (Dispenser-grade),Tack value: 43-45g
  • Stable wetting performance and low voiding soldering on most PCB finishes. Halogen-free clear residue.Sharp definition at high printing speeds up to 100mm/sec, enclosed print-head compatible.


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