Xbox One / One S Controller Back Button Attachment 

-This back button attachment allows players to remap ABXY/LR/directional buttons on your Xbox One controller to the back trigger buttons, enhancing the gaming experience. A must-have for gamers.

-Available in two styles of trigger back button. Gamers can choose either one according to their preference. Install the trigger to the back clip bracket, align the trigger screw with the screw hole, and lock the trigger by turning it clockwise.

-Comes with a silicon pad to be inserted between controller and mounting clip for extra stability.

-Easy to use. Connect both cables to the back button attachment and to controller (short cable) and console (long cable). And you’re ready to set.

-Support 3.5mm wired headset. Powered by the console, no extra adapter or batteries required.

-Firmware upgradable from DOBE official website.

-Compatible with original Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox Series X (XSX), Xbox Series S (XSS) controllers.



-For set up, please refer to manual for details.

-The official website will update the system of the Xbox One console or controller regularly. If the function of the product is affected by the upgrade of Xbox system, the latest upgrade procedure can be downloaded from the DOBE official website and the product can be used normally after successful upgrade.

-To ensure the performance of the product, please use only the included cable accessories. Other cables may interfere with the response speed or audio quality of the product.


Package Includes:

2 x 4 in 1 Trigger (2 Styles)

1 x Back Clip Bracket

1 x Micro USB to Micro USB Cable (5cm)

1 x Micro USB to Type-C Cable (5cm)

1 x USB to Type-C Data Cable (3m)

1 x Trigger Screw

1 x Silicone Pad


* Image used for illustrative purposes РController not included 


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